01 December

....Just Another Day In 3Hour Traffic

 ........"Outrageous! Impossible!! Like is this the universe just being mean or did I do anything to deserve such ...........ugh!!" Sue had been so awfully fed up of it. Every other time. The sun was hot. The car was black. The traffic was thick! And when I say thick I mean thick like THICK!!......bumper to bumper would be an understatement really. She was behind one of these transit lorries. She so awfully wanted to at least get a little peep of where it ended, maybe even what the reason for it was. She scrolled through her Whatsapp. Then her Viber. It was so sad, but also hysterical at the same time, the way she had countless friends but she was in the ' Lemme go online' mood, there was nothing in there. Even a hi. Or even a missed call for Pete's sake!! 

           Boredom never got worse than this, well, maybe except for that awfully monotonous moment of being in hospital all alone and waiting for blood test results for almost an hour. So she dozed in little installments after noticing there was a little time before she'd move a few.......centimetres. She was suddenly hit by the thought of the infamous motorcyclists. It seemed to bother her that they, of all people, were able to maneuver through the chaotic traffic. Maybe it was karma, she was always cursing them anyway. Just the sight of them made her rage. She could recognise the noisy motors from a whole train away! 

          She could even pull up at the side of the road and just stay there till it was all moving. One thing to be thankful for, she wasn*t with Jenny and Kim. Now that would be just straight up torturous. Imagine it, a black car, a tarmac road, all the sunlight in the world, that kind of crave that can*t be ignored, bad hair and then kids!! Kids would be the death of her at this point. She could almost hurl from all that made up crisis! It had now been about an hour and in her estimation, she*d moved literally a hundred metres! She crossed her fingers and checked her DMs. None at all!! " Thank God for Twitter", she heaved as she scrolled through all the latest tea and drama and craze and gossip that was going on in her hilariously problematic country..

               She had some bites in the back but really, nobody wants to take a  hot lunch right under the nose of the carelessly hot sun. That would a little bit stupid, . So she adjusted her seat and put on her painfully expensive JBL headphones and drowned into all the RnB there was in her phone. On shuffle cause it really didn*t matter what was playing so long as it was in the RnB playlist. It was soothing, really soothing. Almost got her to forget that she was on the road in the middle of traffic. Yeah, she was drifting there numbly. She was worn out like that. 

                 She noticed a bit later that they had actually started to move .......really!! Like an oasis in the Sahara(They aren't that easy to find by the way). It was funny , she was always as excited to see that the traffic was lighter. She was glad she would at least get to the conference. Many hours late....but still, she would get there. "Better three hours late than a minute too soon," she said to herself. She only had a bit before it ended- at about twelve thirty.

       Mrs. Potter wouldn't say a thing, she assumed it would always be like that- a late late Lady Sally. She never bothered asking after three days of the same incident......and that was about half a year ago! Sally had to be grateful for don*t find bosses that nice everywhere. Anywhere even! She found her way, stealthily as she could ,to the hall. Everybody saw her. She always had the same entrance. Slow walk. Silent as she could. Trying to stay as unregarded as possible......but more often getting all eyes facing her twice. She noticed but acted like she hadn't. "Beautiful morning, isn*t is fellows?" .....she asked like she always did. A greeting, a hidden greeting. And about three seats to her left, someone purred, "Who's gonna tell her?". It was Blake. This time she heard it- he said that every time she arrived. She sat drowning in the thought for quite some time, the she glanced at her watch.She hit her head in dismay. Eleven fifty five p.m. 


19 October

.....Saturday Night

               Seven o'clock past midday and he was all out of energy. It was cold. Really really cold. He was awed by how some of his friends were so comfortable in slim vests and shorts at such an hour. All he was up for was sleep. He was dozing every other second, until Mark hit his neck.........again, saying......" Kaa rada msee, mode anafika,". Of course he was playing with teachers cared what happened on Saturday night, it was the time for the boys to be boys withholding nothing! They said everything they felt like. They did everything they felt like. They made a foolish show every other time, but never had a moment to regret. They did what they did, how they wanted, when they wanted - unapologetically. The vibe going around was more than just familiar to Jerry, just not as explicitly. 

           Nobody at all was able to just sit still for a minute. It was crazy. All Jerry wanted was to doze- runaway from real life!! Forget all of his issues for a few hours! Some relief, that he felt he just wasn*t getting enough of. But wait one minute, there was still homework due Sunday afternoon! But it was impossible- "No way! Not here! Definitely not NOW!"........he said in his head. He would be more than glad to just.......not exist for a day or two. But quite frankly, he was a lot more calm now than ever. Saturday night. The cold was harsh, he sneezed too much......but it was fine. The noise was mind-blowing, he almost got into one of those killer migraines, but he was chill. He was silent and motionless. The doze feeling was long gone. He came to notice soon, he was among the only ten guys that were still in class. Finally, some silence. Some clarity in his thoughts!

            But still, he left the room. Grabbed his thick thick hoodie and dashed out. A stroll. Alone. With all the silence he could possibly get- that was what he was after at this time. He made it seem like he really needed it. 

                Jerry couldn*t be more glad. There was the music(more of noise than music really) from the dining hall that could probably be heard miles away, there was the choruses from the Christian Union group that were pretty faint, but very enjoyable. There were no teachers to be seen, anywhere(thankfully). It was just a good feeling to be free from pressure and decisions and emotions and thoughts of other people. He could feel the difference.

            He walked around the whole place. The field would be a whole other level of chill-it would be ultimate chill, but the darkness was blood curdling, and he didn't want to draw any bit of attention from anyone. It was now nearly eleven o'clock. He hardly noticed! He knew his doze was always a strict ten thirty- but he was high on sugar. Shortcake bickies were a BIG DEAL for Jerry any day! He was down for some at all times. He always had a pack or two in stock....................".just in case," he would tell himself- but he never said in case of what.

          So, having made about three and a half laps walking around the classroom block, the canteen, and the I.C.T. block, he called it a day. He wasn't the slightest bit sleepy, but he fell asleep in less than twenty minutes. Jerry loved it, Saturday night- a time of utmost and endless zen.



When Things Seem Way Impossible

           We all go through tremendous challenges, even the bravest and strongest amongst us. It is not what we go through. How we handle it is what matters because I believe we are not products of circumstances but of our decisions. So when these dark grey heavy clouds form, what do you do, give up or show up? What do you see, a problem or merit? What role do you choose to play, the hero or the victim? Tough questions posed, I suppose.

        These situations are like weeds. Of-course they are unwanted, and if we could stop time, forward it and shrink sixty seconds to a fraction of one to represent a single minute, we all would, even the best emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually would.

          What emotions do we CHOOSE to experience during such times? Oh! Yes, choose. Every time, time is determined by our feelings and psychological conditions, which we can control, and not by clocks. That is why time is slow when you wait, fast when late, deadly when sad, short when happy, endless when in pain, and so on, so have a great time always.

          But how? We all get sad, angry, and scared sometimes. Because of this, we*ve got to agree we can never be there for everybody. We must have a permanent source of comfort - The Supreme being. 

        It all depends on our availability in His presence. I mean, how available on a scale of one to ten are we in God*s presence? All in all, the attitude must be right. God knows all our sorrows and troubles. In as much as He is ready to help us, we should seek Him. That is all we have to do. Seek Him in prayer and His word. Always.

        Whoever endures to the end shall be saved (Matt 10:20). And where do you get the strength to do so without belief? Believe in God. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Just believe. Trust in Him. It is all a matter of faith, and in faith, we shall overcome. Renounce that lie that you are unprotected, alone, or abandoned because God has made you a citizen of Heaven (Phil 3:20). He will pour out mercy and grace in your time of need (Heb 4:16). He will make you stand firm in Christ, and the Spirit He has given us long ago is His guarantee your future is secure (2 Cor 1:21-22). Speak and act the word in the name of God to get to your land of promise.

       The only perfect and powerful God is interested in us. We*re called in His purpose. God is intimate, kind, accepting, patient, trustworthy, tenderhearted, committed to our growth, and above all, He is God, always has been.

       You will reach out to others as well, in many ways. You will comfort them by the power of the Holy Spirit. So be ready to listen to the voice of He that will send you, be guided in the loaded pistols -words- because they are powerful.

      Cold words freeze peoplehot scotch them. Sour words make them bitter, while wrathful ones make them wrathful. Kind words also produce their image on man*s souls, and a beautiful image it is. They*re smooth and quiet and comfort the hearer.-Blaise Pascal

      They can build and break hearts depending on the usage, but by the power of the Holy Spirit, be guided.Let us seek God at all times, and remember to thank Him in all situations. He gives happiness and takes it away. He gives sorrows and deducts them as well. And in all, He has, is, and will always be God. All you have to do is SEEK Him.

             Everything you and I had, have, and will achieve belongs to the King of Glory. The talents, wealth, and everything else. We have earned nothing by ourselves. So in dark times, instead of why I do a why not. Do not be like I need to do sth. Instead, be like God lead me because we have never done anything for anyone ever since we were in our mothers* wombs. God has done it all. To set the record straight, God does not help those who help themselves, does He? Think about this. 

GOD HELPS THOSE WHO ACKNOWLEDGE THEMSELVES THAT THEY ARE HELPLESS! Oh yeah. You are the apple of His eye (Deut 32:9-10).

The world is so empty if one only thinks of mountains, rivers, and cities, but to know someone who thinks and feels with me and who, though distant, is close to me, this makes the earth for me an inhabited garden. - Geothe

        Be a leader. Leadership is simple, touching others for good, growth, and God. When interacting with those you lead, strive to be that leader that serves them best. And have the same goal with He that sent you, that is, glorifying His name. Realize that leaders do not make followers. They create more leaders. Take responsibility. Lead with a vision that*ll be reflected through us to those we influence. Be a courageous, disciplined, and decision-making leader.

         By being a leader, you develop friendships. The greatest reward is in building great relationships. We ought to value our friends and tell how much we appreciate their presence in our lives. Do not take a friend for granted, and remember that a successful relationship*s bu

ilt on mutual respect. We must recognize our self-worth and that of others. Let us be there for our friends in happiness and sorrows. Hold their hands every step of the way, the same way God does for you and me.

           In faith and belief, all shall be as meant to. He has birthed you and me, His children (Jn 1:12). We shall benefit from opportunities, meet challenges, accept struggles, confront the tragedy, make luck, overcome sorrows, fight life, complete duties, fulfill promises, play life-games, taste life-bliss, and sing life-songs. And importantly, we shall admire life-beauty because the most fruitful of all arts is the art of living well.

And So When Things SEEM Impossible, They ARE NOT!

17 October

Senor Corona

                ..........if Coronavirus was a man, he would probably live in a simple junkyard. His occupation would be something crazily breathtaking- something that anybody at all would be excited to see him do. A small hidden place where he could be all alone and in tranquility. He would be this guy that loved to go out wherever, whenever. The slightest chance he*d get to just be out and hang with some random guys at some random club, he would always take it. He would this crazy extrovert you don*t see too much. He would be an attention seeker, always doing something dope for clout. Clout that he would always be lucky to achieve. It was never a coincidence. He loved the people and the people loved him. He would always be looking good, ,something the crowd always adored him for. It would be just this strange connection he had with crowds, you know ......same way Peanut butter and jam are always dope together, but they have  nothing at all in common. 

                 He would be this type of guy that just didn*t like too much hygiene. "What*s the point, I*ll still be dirty by the end of each day", he would say. But of course he didn*t just let the whole world know that..........a crowd most probably wouldn*t love a stinky guy. So he*d probably take a bath once a week.......maybe once in a month, and conceal the filth with a massively scented cologne.....and countless sweatshirts. It would be pretty strange, he would lose just as many friends as he would make at a time. It wouldn*t matter too much to him, anybody human would be a good pal for him. But he couldn*t just stay....he would have to be ever out and about- he wouldn*t be okay without any friends. It would be a real wonder, some friends he would retain.....but he never would visit them. 

                 If I got to hear from him once, I would quickly suggest a lunch at some casual diner around town.......but he*d insist on a bar.....or a club. Meeting him would be fun and enjoyable........he would be impressive at quite a number of things, exactly what made him the perfect crowd pleaser. He would quickly reach out for a handshake, and I*d probably return a hand numbly. I would pull out a tiny sanitiser afterwards realising the too much brown in his nails and the  dust on his palms! Then he would quickly sneer at the sight of the little container........and maybe utter some more " Why so uptight man? ". A little offended, I would return the sneer and not reply. Ignoring the expression, he*d be fast to dig in and enjoy the meal......or at least try, given that the occasion was not exactly his type of thing(just a lunch at a peaceful, quiet diner)......and that the venue to him would be already so boring and empty. We would have a pretty good conversation, and we would like each other*s company, but as we depart, he would not let me have a contact, or directions...........even a Facebook handle. I would just have to let him go, it would almost look like I was forcing him and he couldn*t stand it 

              So into the horizon he would stroll, never to be seen by me again. The man, the myth, the virus- I*d probably still have a ton of questions, but he*d be long gone. Nothing for me to regret anyway. Just this feeling that I really would need a hot shower ASAP! Just imagine- if you met a "virus man"( Ok, that*s crazy off the charts)...........what would you do? How would you feel? What would you expect from him? 

13 October

.....What*d I Do World ?

      Alarm blares hella loudly and like I would every other time, I snooze- you know, the just five more minutes feeling. So in the pleasure of snoozing and dozing off again, the phone rings. Definitely not a good*s this bossy colleague Jeanette( why she always acting like she*s the boss though?). " Ok first you ignore three of my calls ....then you return the call an hour later! Get over here quick! That*s an order!"......Well, that was loud.....but it was on me this time. It was nine already and I was just getting out of my pajamas! So the choosy me didn*t have a chance to pick and choose and think about the outfit of the day. It was a quick random pick...all blue tux it was. Kitchen had never been so far, I struggled to even get there. I got to just pasting a few slices and warming up a cup of the always necessary latte. Then just as I heated up the thing, poof... blackout! Gosh, a blackout in the utterly blonde does that sound! " Oh well....I guess that means coffee in the office...oh wait, there*s no coffee in the office.".....that was already a bad morning, it was like a giraffe with a short neck.....I was a lot less effective or even like me without the coffee. But by now I was dashing to the bus stop...just couldn*t help but notice I was wearing two different colored socks......and my shoes were dusty as heck! I was lucky to get the bus ...had to yell outrageously  for the driver to notice a hilariously dressed me running for the bus. It was all full so I had to make do with standing. The rage going on inside me was just inexplicable. At least I had something good going with my cologne, just the look didn*t tell the same story. I was so lost thinking about the hot mess I was at that moment, I missed my stop! I alighted about three kilometers from the office block! And I was so definitely NOT about to run for another bus. I ran- I really had no choice. It was less  exhausting than I thought it would be though. Just by the time I got there, my killer blue tux look was more like a faded blue, kind of brown and utterly disgusting look. I tried to dust off a little and shine the shoes somehow. I noticed the security cam right above me tilt lower just to perfectly face me , as I tried to attend to a style crisis on myself. I probably didn*t even know the man behind the CCTV cams ....but I was really just so utterly uncomfortable being seen like that. I didn*t raise my head...even though he had probably already recognized me. I found my way to my desk with my head hanging low. Sweat drips all over me(that feeling*s always so utterly awful!). I was sure to land on something bad, but not as bad as a warning letter! I was standing there for about ten minutes, sadness, confusion, anger, disappointment soaring all over within me. I mean... a whole warning letter-that means two more and I*m finished! I might have thought too hard about that, cause the rest of the day I was just in a mood. I was cold. The colleagues knew better to do themselves a favor and just not speak to me. I was on my desk and I didn*t make a move from that very ten thirty seven. Just this hope that my effort during the day would give the boss a change at heart and even maybe "undo" the warning letter( okay, at this point, I was just flat out thinking like a seven year old kid). It was so unreal but I got to grinding. All day. Stayed on after hours. Left at eight o'clock. The darkness was so real - nothing but car headlights and rear lights on the road right outside my window. It was beautiful! That was the one good feeling I had that whole day. I was glad to finally go back home and crash! It was finally over!! Tuesday - the worst one yet really. I got home and gosh!- I could almost just flop and doze off right in front of my apartment door! It was a day of it*s kind....I*d never had a bad luck streak THAT bad! One thing I knew from then, snooze was not a thing I could ever do again- cause that whole day was literally a hell on me!

....Even This One*s Nice, Just Check It Out

Senor Corona

                ..........if Coronavirus was a man, he would probably live in a simple junkyard. His occupation would be something crazily...

All The Rest